Friday, October 8, 2010

Crochet Kiwi Giveaway

I just followed a link to a gorgeous blog by kiwi mum, Jennifer, who is currently living in the US.  She's just opened a felt shop selling her beautiful crochet baby artworks, original and gorgeous, I absolutely love them.  To celebrate her new felt shop, she is doing a giveaway.  Check it out, would be so nice to find this in my letterbox!

I decided I'd like to learn to crochet. So last night I watched a youtube video on how to crochet granny squares... it seems I was a tad tired and gave up in frustration.  Will try again another day as I have aspirations of making a blanket like this...

Isn't it gorgeous?  I came across it while searching for 'Cath Kidston style'.  It definitely is her style.  I love all the pastels with bright red.  It certainly would fill a lot of hours!

Right, off to cut out more baby shoe pieces for a weekend of peaceful sewing(hopefully).  We've just carpeted our studio, and my desk is repositioned to look out onto my garden, so it's all lovely and inviting.  I'll post a photo when my garden looks better!

Enjoy your afternoon

Sarah :)


  1. it took me a every evening for a week to get the basic granny square started. its overwhelming at first, i used u-tube also. i remember one night i almost threw the crochet hook out the window!!stick with it cos once u got it it really seems easy.

  2. Oh my goodness - I never saw this at the time!!! How sweet of you to mention my giveaway on your blog, but I never got a comment from you about it (and was so busy I didn't make it around to 'visit' all my new followers right away) so I didn't know it was here. Your blog is absolutely GORGEOUS and I just stumbled upon this post now because I have been back-reading this evening. I feel awful now because I didn't put you in the draw and I feel the need to make it up to you!!! I am so sorry!!!

  3. Thanks, glad you like my blog. I must have been having an absentminded moment, I was sure I'd commented, but it seems I imagined it! Perhaps I was too busy writing about competition that I forgot to enter...woops! Was a lovely giveaway. Still haven't got the hang of crochet, always another project to finish first :)

  4. Thanks for getting in touch :o) I still feel bad about it!

    I really don't know how to do very complicated crochet, just a few basic stitches, but it's amazing what you can make even just with simple know-how. I am hoping to find time to make a granny squares blanket for my daughter over the winter. Once you get going it doesn't actually take long to make the squares - you'd be able to make a blanket like that quicker than you think. Love the colours on it!


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