Monday, April 7, 2014

Bed love...

It's all about beds in our house at the moment.  Having found a pair of amazing vintage peacock headboards at a garage sale recently, I've been on the hunt for a divan base (I love storage) for Eden, which I've now got and it's on the 'to paint' list.  Just last week I managed to find an old hospital bed (refurbished) for Ben. It's a little bit sad to see my baby out of his cot, but he's climbing out now anyway. If you too have been on the hunt for a vintage iron bed for kids, you've probably seen, or been involved in a virtual scrum, they're in such high demand.  Luckily there are now some REALLY cute reproductions for reasonable prices.  Below are two of my favourites. I love the devine colours of the new Freedom king singles and the detailing is very pretty.  I personally prefer standard singles for kids though and Tempt Interiors do a great replica of the old hospital beds. Their price includes delivery. 

Above are a couple of my favourite examples of antique iron beds in a similar style to the reproductions above.  I love the colours in the top one and how the picture ties in with the wall dots, great revamp for the drawers and an all time fave of mine, the little toadstool lamp.  The bottom image has been a great source of inspiration for Ben's room, love it!  Image sources can be found via my pinterest boards, children's rooms.


I got super lucky with my peacock headboards, which are the same as the image below. If you haven't had any luck and have been coveting the gorgeous ones in Australian store The family love tree, then you'll be please to know beautiful cane headboards can be found in NZ.  Here's a selection from Wellington store Behome.

Some room inspiration for cane headboards, via my colour board on pinterest.


If you're based in Australia you'll be lucky enough to have access to another beautiful store, Incy Interiors and all their gorgeous children's furniture, like the Penny bed below.  If not, I thought you may take inspiration from it as I'm constantly seeing old, dark stain, turned beds at my local op shops.  They're just screaming out for a sand and lick of paint and would easily look as gorgeous as the one below, for a fraction of the price.

A perfect example of an old turned bed revamped! Image source here.

Sweet dreams x

Thursday, April 3, 2014

The wonderful world of washi...

I was asked today for some ideas on how to use washi tape. Sticking mainly to gift wrapping with mine, I felt this was not really an overly inspiring answer, so I turned to my good friend pinterest, and boy did they come to the party!  Here is a round up of my absolute favourites, which you can find (for image sources too) on my new board, wonderful washi.

Love these pegs! Perfect for hanging kids artwork.

Washi + twine = gorgeous bunting wrapping!

So many uses for parties

I'm pretty budget with plasters, no princess ones in our house, I go for the plain old bulk packs, so boring I know.  This is a great way to cutesy them up for kids and a pretty cool activity too.

A very "on trend" idea for wall art.

Here's another one, very effective in white.

Love the classic look of black and white, which looks great on brown paper wrapping

and equally classy around tea lights. 

Here's my image which prompted the "inspiration" hunt.  You can see my full range here.  Feel free to comment here or on facebook with any ideas you have for washi tape, I'd love to hear them, thanks.

Sarah x

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Hanging chair inspiration...

Sources of images here.

Who loves hanging chairs?  I recently bought a cane 60's pod chair off a lady who had been given it by the elderly original owners, knowing that she'd admired it for years.  She no longer had the space, so I got the chance to become it's loving new owner.  It hangs on my front veranda, the perfect spot to sit and relax and nosey at the passers by.  After I got it I started noticing images of them everywhere, and a trend for hanging them indoors, which I love.  However, I fear it would extend the potential for indoor toddler acrobatics and would provide another tempting object to leap/swing from... so it's just not going to happen.  I'll stick to admiring gorgeous images such as the ones above. I love the eclectic edge it brings to these rooms, gorgeous.
Have a lovely day x

Thursday, March 20, 2014

A quick wee project...

My knife block revamp & flowers courtesy of my kids... aww bless x

This knife set was a wedding gift from a good friend who had lived with us for a while and had been subjected to cooking with my hideous old cheap knifes.  Her set transformed my life... no seriously, they did. I've never been a fan of knife blocks in general though, wood seemed too plain with all my vintage accessories and stainless too modern.  So, feeling inspired by my punnet of shimmering gold paint (Resenes metallic range) I recently gave it a quick revamp.  I love the result and I love the gold with mint, gorgeous!

I sanded it lightly, masked it up, applied a couple of coats of shimmering gold paint, removed tape and applied a couple of coats of water based varnish and there you have, a bit of bling for my knife block.  Eden did a bit of painting as well, ditching her water colours for the much more enticing shimmering gold and some stones from the garden.

Here's the plain before shot, complete with bad lighting.

Have a lovely evening x

Monday, March 17, 2014

Beautiful bunny tails...

Our bunny tails

I'm enjoying some quiet internet time while my wee man sleeps, my big man surfs and Eden gets crafty with rubber band bracelets (are they big in your household?).  Cyclone Lusi came and went without too much fuss here in the Coromandel, and cabin fever (literally, as we're staying in a cabin) was kept to a minimum, mostly due to the company of some great friends and their gorgeous kids.  I hope you weren't too battered where you were.  

Last time we visited the Coromandel, Eden and I picked bunny tails, an activity I loved as a kid.  The few that survived the trip home are now in an old bottle on my dressing table. I love them and the memory of collecting them.  A couple of weeks ago I came across the gorgeous image below (from here) and it inspired a lovely Sunday morning activity with the kids at our local beach, Ngamotu Beach.  They loved collecting them, and then picking the colours from the pantry and marvelling at them changing colour. Apparently they were to be distributed at preschool, though in our usual rush to get out the door they kept being forgotten. 

I also discovered this gorgeous blog while searching for images, check it out, very cute ideas for activities with kids and a video on dying bunny tails. 

Right, off to the beach...

Happy afternoon x

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Things I'm loving this week...

How adorable does my Little Ladies apron look?  This picture was very kindly sent to me by a happy customer.  I love how it matches perfectly with her daughters oven mitt, too cute! You can buy your own Little Ladies Apron here.

Cute entrances.  I absolutely love brightly coloured doors, what could be more inviting that a cheery front door?  I also love the little pink gumboots.  But  my favourite bit is definitely the doormat! Am I mistaken or is that a bit of Astro Turf cut out in an adorable (cloud?) shape? If so, what a clever and economical idea... I wonder if it comes in pink?

Friends who bake!  Check out these adorable (and delicious!) cupcakes a good friend delivered for my birthday, baked by her and looking like they'd come straight from a cupcakery in a very professional box. I can assure you they were delicious too. I'll have to lift my game, so it's lucky I also got given a recipe book I'd had my eye on for ages, The Caker, a.k.a Jordan Rondel, check her out, amazing original and inspired recipes.

My resident photo bomber!

The home of Paula Mills, from Sweet William.  She's just uploaded loads of new images to pinterest, check them out here.  Her home is always evolving and always so inspiring!

Right, back to pinterest, just for a few more minutes...

Sarah x

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Shop news!

So... the big Free Shipping debate!  What to charge for shipping in a world where everyone wants it for free (inluding moi)?  It's something I've spent ALOT of time thinking about and investigating and have come to the following conclusions...

* It's not usually all it seems.  Knowing wholesale prices and RRP for quite a few products I stock, or I've seen elsewhere, I've noticed that shipping is often incorporated into the retail price when it's claimed it's "free shipping".  Fine if you're just buying one item, not so fine if you're buying a few, as you may end out paying more for shipping than if it was added at checkout.

* I don't how (or for how long?) those that do truly offer free shipping can do so on smaller cost items where the mark up is minimal?  Some of my items are less than the cost of shipping, others not much more, so these I would no longer be able to stock and they're some of my favourites and going by sales, YOURS too!

* I want to provide a variety of products, in a variety of price ranges, so for this reason alone, free shipping is not an option.

So, where to from here?  In order to continue to stock my popular lower priced items (we have heaps of great gift ideas under $30) and to reward you for buying more, I've decided to cap the shipping charge at $5. This will cover the cost for smaller items and I'll cover the difference when more is spent.  We'll see how this goes and if it proves popular, it will become a permanent feature on MissMollyCoddle. Happy shopping everyone!

We've got a fabulous range of hooks coming to our store later in March.  We're the only New Zealand stockist, so get in quick to avoid disappointment.  I know how hard it is to find cute kids hooks and ended out spending a fortune on international shipping to get some for Eden's room, so I was very excited to find these for you.  What's your favourite?  

A little while back we reached a milestone on facebook and I promised a giveaway.  Pop on over to my facebook page and follow the instructions for entering (NZ only sorry), you can enter 3 times, winner announced tomorrow evening.

Winter coats will be making their way back into our online store late March/early April, so keep an out. Most are one of a kind, or very limited stock, so first in best dressed!

Last but not least, we're taking a wee Summer Autumn holiday.  Last day to place an order and have  it shipped before we leave (payment must be by paypal or deposited that day) is Thursday, I'll courier Friday at the latest.  You can still place an order while we're away, and I'll despatch it on Thursday 20th March.

Have a lovely evening.

Sarah x

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Things I'm loving...

Anaglypta wallpaper as wrapping.  I've chosen one for our entranceway, so have a stash of no longer required samples, and they're making gorgeous wrapping.

Our new cloud bread/serving boards are a hit at our house.  Afternoon tea never looked so appealing! My snuggly little boy is pretty adorable too.

This little bird from Homebase Collections... I'm kind of in love with it, along with the rest of their products!

My newly painted dining chairs, inspiration taken from vintage items on my dresser, and my dearly loved fridge, it's a gorgeous mint.  I'm looking for a bench/pew for the wall side, so I can squeeze lots of little bottoms along it.  I'm still deciding on the colour for the fourth chair, and am mulling over how to use a test pot of beautiful shimmering gold too... 

Other things I'm loving, in no particular order are:

SUNSHINE!!!! (well maybe this is top of the list)
No colds for a whopping two months
Sewing (yes, soon to be restocking shop)
Sauvignon blanc (It just goes with Summer right?)
Mint, pink and copper colour palette, delicious!
The Block All Stars and Offspring, and it goes without saying really, ALL of Nina's wardrobe

Hope you're having a lovely day, feel free to share what you're loving too.

Sarah x

Sunday, January 26, 2014

My garage sale treasures...

images via pinterest

Beautiful aren't they? Well images like these were my inspiration for buying the following bed heads. Having given up on ever finding one to revamp, I bought Eden a wrought iron bed frame off trademe.  It's pretty cute, but having a foot board really limits how we can arrange her room, as it obstructs the window and door in  a couple of the possible layouts.  So I'm very excited to find one (actually two) of these, now I just need a base and a decision on which delicious colour I'll paint it!  If you're in Australia and looking for one of these colourful beauties, check out The family love store, gorgeous.

I absolutely love over sized vases (like the one above) for displays, as you can clearly tell from my pinterest board, display.  I originally bought four of these large jars from a garage sale, regrettably sold two at a garage sale of mine, so was stoked to find a couple more yesterday!  I'll list one on trademe and will keep the other, as I love the look of three down the centre of a dining table, with large foliage such as taro or fruit salad plant leaves as display.  Speaking of which, I also got a massive fruit salad plant for $5!  So large my lovely parents had to pick it up in their trailer, Thank you! x

Apparently they're old coke syrup jars, so I've been told.

A very retro child's suitcase.

A jug, which fits perfectly on my little kitchen shelves.  Cute tea tin and a wee vase I'm totally smitten with.  It has no makers mark, but if anyone can identify it that'd be great.  I love displays of all white vases and am thinking of one along our mantlepiece. Has anyone else noticed the great display in a recent heat pump (?) ad on telly, it has a cricketer who's name escapes me... anyway, it's above kitchen cabinets and looks amazing.

My new vase on display.

Very cute clock puzzle, would look great as art.

 A very successful morning indeed!  After quite a break from it, I may be hooked all over again.

I hope you've all had a great weekend.  If anyone else has shared their finds on a blog,  feel free to comment with a link.

Sarah x

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