Thursday, November 27, 2014

A quick bit of news...

These adorable 'Hug a cloud' cushions have arrived in store.  They're beautifully made from incredibly soft bamboo felt, with lovely embroidery and appliqued details.  You can get yours here.
We're having a sale on facebook Friday 28th November 7-9pm. Pop on over for some bargains!
We had our first night market last weekend and it was fabulous!  Soooo busy and such a great atmosphere.  If you didn't make it, we'll be at the next one.  Plus we'll be at Ngamotu Beach New Plymouth, for the Sunday 7th December market, come check it out, it's on from 9-3.  For more market info go to The Seaside Market facebook page.
See you back here soon (I promise not to leave it so long!)
Sarah x

Thursday, October 16, 2014

A look around my London, favourite places...

A beautiful window display at Rachel Riley on Marylebone High Street.

One for you crafters/sewers, a John Lewis window display.  Don't they do it well?

Lego London at John Lewis, almost as impressive as the real things.

Monsoon, the most adorable kids clothes EVER. Their dresses would give a bride a run for her money, absolutely beautiful little dresses, perfect for flower girls or other special occasions.
Sadly they don't ship to NZ.  But here's a few that do:

Iconic and beautiful Liberty store.

Neals yard, Covent Garden.  One of my all time favourite London streets.

and a couple more from my old stomping ground.

Love this view!
Spitalfields, you didn't disappoint!

Sarah x

Friday, October 10, 2014

Portobello Market, Notting Hill...

I've just returned from an incredible two weeks in Europe with my sister, it was total bliss! We had four days in London, showing her the sights, exploring the shops and reminiscing.We then headed to France for the main event, my brothers wedding, which was a beautiful, perfect day in an idyllic french village. We finished up with a couple of days in Paris, sightseeing, shopping and working our way through the delicious patisseries. Again, total bliss. Throughout the trip I took loads of photos with my blog and it's followers in mind. I'll share them over a few posts, starting with this one on Portobello markets, Notting Hill.  The sheer array of vintage goodies is just incredible, and although I wanted to bring SO MUCH home, my suitcase and the often exorbitant prices kept me in check. The atmosphere is fantastic though too.  We got there early and wandered with ease before the crowds descended.  The aroma from food stalls, great people watching and GORGEOUS buildings makes it one of my favourite experiences, which is why I spent many Saturdays during my OE roaming the market and why we booked our flights to arrive the night before!

I had to bring one of these wee trays home.

The street food, fresh produce and flower stalls were amazing. Oh to be local!

Oh, to live in one of the gorgeous pastel houses too!  I suspect my husband wouldn't be too keen on painting our home pink, somehow it works so well in Notting Hill, New Plymouth? Probably not.

And for those Cath Kidston fans out there (I know a few of you are!), here's a peek inside her Portobello road store, my first visit to one of her shops.  I loved the way genuine vintage props are used throughout her stores, I only wish they'd been for sale.  She had the cutest tins, baskets and chairs.  Check out the yellow kids chair in the last photo.

A few treats for the kids came home from here, love the ballet range!

See you back here soon with some pics from France, including a peek inside the cutest kids shop EVER!

Sarah x

Thursday, August 7, 2014

We eat nude at our house...

just kidding! Well, sort of.  We're pretty normal in the way that we eat dinner, at a table, telly off (usually) and fully clothed.  I like to think we eat pretty healthy, varied dinners and that although the kids definitely have their favourites (and like to tell me so!) we do also like them to try a variety of foods.  Somewhere between washing, housework, running a business, raising kids and renovating, I seem to have lost my cooking mojo. That's when we started eating nude... well "Eat NuDe" to be precise.  For the price of a coffee, Eat Nude will provide you with five balanced dinner meals planned for you, that's 5 recipes,a categorised shopping list and fantastic tips to save you time, money and calories.  You can view a sample menu/list here.

Eat NuDe has been developed by one of my lovely cousins, Bronwyn, a dietitian passionate about making healthy meals easy, affordable and delicious.  Given her knowledge gained from years of study and experience, it seems an absolute bargain to have meals planned by a dietitian, for around $5 per week! The extra tips you get access too are also invaluable.   I personally found the portion size advice particularly helpful, as I have to confess to letting them slowly creep up, so it's great to get them in check. It's also great to print a shopping list, add (in the spaces provided) the few extras we need and head out the door for a purposeful and quick shop.  No aimless wandering, throwing in a pile of ingredients with little inspiration or insight into what they'll turn into.  Plus, if I do have two little rascals wanting to play hide and seek down the aisles, at least we're out of there fast!

Here's a snapshot of one of my favourite meal plans.  We always have leftovers for my husband to take to work, which is great, a yummy healthy lunch, that he didn't have to buy. I've made the devilled sausages so many times since this week, it's now a firmly established family favourite on the two nights we don't Eat NuDe, in fact we had it tonight.

Included in each weekly plan is the  'twofor' option, which is basically two meals with little more effort than one.  For example (we loved this) one week included a delicious chilli con carne one night, which if you chose to double, provided the base for yummy wraps the following.  

One last thing, it is fantastic for getting you to try new ingredients. Things I'd wanted to try, but didn't really know what to do with, like haloumi, Israeli couscous and quinoa are introduced and really quite simple when a recipe is provided.  I'd also never cooked brown rice and it's now all I cook, we love it.  I know it's not that exotic, but I'm a creature of habit, habits which eat NuDe will help you break!

Meal plans are emailed every friday, so get in and subscribe before midday tomorrow and have your weeks meals sorted.  Subcription always makes me think "committed", you're not.  She has a range of subscription options, including just one week, perfect for trying it out, but like me, I'm sure you'll be back.  So go on, check it and have a bit of fun getting your mojo back!

Sarah x

Friday, July 11, 2014

Win, win, win...

Want to win yourself two gorgeous midcentury inspired signed art prints?  Each Ellen Giggenbach print is a print of an original art work by Ellen, and is signed by her on the front, and dated on the back.  Ellen creates her art works by cutting papers, which have been painted with a gorgeous variety of colours and hues. 
Printed on a firm, velvet matt Epson paper measuring 21cm x 29.7cm. The image will fit perfectly inside a standard 8 x 10 inch frame or matt, making it a fantastic, affordable piece of signed art!  The winner can select two prints of their choice from our range here, choices will be subject to those available online at time of winning. 
To enter simply comment below telling me your favourite item from MissMollyCoddle and click here to complete entry process.

Best of luck!

Sarah x

Friday, June 27, 2014

Gaga over garlands...

If you follow me on facebook, you may have noticed I've been going a bit gaga over felt ball garlands... pink ones, black ones, pastel ones, blue hues... They're gradually getting listed in my store and on trademe, and strung all over my house in the meantime.  You may also have seen the one in Edens room, it's staying, but I'd be happy to make another. If you see one you'd like and can't find it, send me a message through facebook or via email and I'll see what I can.

The felt balls are handmade in Nepal and handstrung by me, here in NZ.  Each ball  is 2.5cm, with some larger 3.5 white ones and a few smaller grey ones.  Most felt ball garlands on the market are only up to 2cm, but I've gone for bigger and bolder.

Have a lovely weekend,

Sarah x

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