Thursday, August 7, 2014

We eat nude at our house...

just kidding! Well, sort of.  We're pretty normal in the way that we eat dinner, at a table, telly off (usually) and fully clothed.  I like to think we eat pretty healthy, varied dinners and that although the kids definitely have their favourites (and like to tell me so!) we do also like them to try a variety of foods.  Somewhere between washing, housework, running a business, raising kids and renovating, I seem to have lost my cooking mojo. That's when we started eating nude... well "Eat NuDe" to be precise.  For the price of a coffee, Eat Nude will provide you with five balanced dinner meals planned for you, that's 5 recipes,a categorised shopping list and fantastic tips to save you time, money and calories.  You can view a sample menu/list here.

Eat NuDe has been developed by one of my lovely cousins, Bronwyn, a dietitian passionate about making healthy meals easy, affordable and delicious.  Given her knowledge gained from years of study and experience, it seems an absolute bargain to have meals planned by a dietitian, for around $5 per week! The extra tips you get access too are also invaluable.   I personally found the portion size advice particularly helpful, as I have to confess to letting them slowly creep up, so it's great to get them in check. It's also great to print a shopping list, add (in the spaces provided) the few extras we need and head out the door for a purposeful and quick shop.  No aimless wandering, throwing in a pile of ingredients with little inspiration or insight into what they'll turn into.  Plus, if I do have two little rascals wanting to play hide and seek down the aisles, at least we're out of there fast!

Here's a snapshot of one of my favourite meal plans.  We always have leftovers for my husband to take to work, which is great, a yummy healthy lunch, that he didn't have to buy. I've made the devilled sausages so many times since this week, it's now a firmly established family favourite on the two nights we don't Eat NuDe, in fact we had it tonight.

Included in each weekly plan is the  'twofor' option, which is basically two meals with little more effort than one.  For example (we loved this) one week included a delicious chilli con carne one night, which if you chose to double, provided the base for yummy wraps the following.  

One last thing, it is fantastic for getting you to try new ingredients. Things I'd wanted to try, but didn't really know what to do with, like haloumi, Israeli couscous and quinoa are introduced and really quite simple when a recipe is provided.  I'd also never cooked brown rice and it's now all I cook, we love it.  I know it's not that exotic, but I'm a creature of habit, habits which eat NuDe will help you break!

Meal plans are emailed every friday, so get in and subscribe before midday tomorrow and have your weeks meals sorted.  Subcription always makes me think "committed", you're not.  She has a range of subscription options, including just one week, perfect for trying it out, but like me, I'm sure you'll be back.  So go on, check it and have a bit of fun getting your mojo back!

Sarah x

Friday, July 11, 2014

Win, win, win...

Want to win yourself two gorgeous midcentury inspired signed art prints?  Each Ellen Giggenbach print is a print of an original art work by Ellen, and is signed by her on the front, and dated on the back.  Ellen creates her art works by cutting papers, which have been painted with a gorgeous variety of colours and hues. 
Printed on a firm, velvet matt Epson paper measuring 21cm x 29.7cm. The image will fit perfectly inside a standard 8 x 10 inch frame or matt, making it a fantastic, affordable piece of signed art!  The winner can select two prints of their choice from our range here, choices will be subject to those available online at time of winning. 
To enter simply comment below telling me your favourite item from MissMollyCoddle and click here to complete entry process.

Best of luck!

Sarah x

Friday, June 27, 2014

Gaga over garlands...

If you follow me on facebook, you may have noticed I've been going a bit gaga over felt ball garlands... pink ones, black ones, pastel ones, blue hues... They're gradually getting listed in my store and on trademe, and strung all over my house in the meantime.  You may also have seen the one in Edens room, it's staying, but I'd be happy to make another. If you see one you'd like and can't find it, send me a message through facebook or via email and I'll see what I can.

The felt balls are handmade in Nepal and handstrung by me, here in NZ.  Each ball  is 2.5cm, with some larger 3.5 white ones and a few smaller grey ones.  Most felt ball garlands on the market are only up to 2cm, but I've gone for bigger and bolder.

Have a lovely weekend,

Sarah x

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Edens room...

Here's some pics from Edens recently redecorated room (minus her large villa window, a mammoth restoration job,  it's still on the "to do" list).  I've chosen a palette of turquoise, pink and white.  These colours were dictated by the colours in a pair of vintage ballerina barkcloth curtains I bought many years ago, bought because I knew I'd regret not buying, even though I had no window to fit them, I don't think I even had a daughter at that time.  When we shifted I crossed my fingers they'd fit her window,  it wasn't to be, so  I unpicked the curtains and painstakingly lined up the print and made them into a gorgeous duvet cover.  I'd bought some plain pink sheeting fabric from spotlight, which would have done the trick, but I found a perfect retro sheet in my stash, bright blue floral that match the blues in the barkcloth, it looks amazing.  I also had just enough of the perfect pink piping to edge it.  I love it when it all comes together after a rummage through what I've already got.

I really wanted to finish the bedhead (remember I blogged about it here?) before I showed you the duvet too, as it all ties in together. I picked the colour Resene Hippie Blue for it as it was a good match with the blue in duvet. I love mixing vintage with new and bright, but find getting the colours right is crucial, too vivid and it can just make anything vintage look old and faded, but match it just right and it can look gorgeous.  I took the colour chart to a paint shop and had a batch of fast dry enamel mixed and put in a spray can.  He did an amazing job and gave me a little extra for those inevitable chips.  I cannot imagine painting it using anything other than a spray can, it would have been an absolute nightmare.

The beautiful art deco light shade was from the kids room in our previous home.  The pink electrical cord and cast iron ceiling rose were won from Ico Traders, who I highly recommend.  Miranda was so lovely to deal with, super helpful and friendly.  Thank you so much, I absolutely love it! My amateur photography didn't really capture the pink of the shade or cable, so check out their website to see the great range of colours available.

Washi tape, ceramic bunny handles, bunny led night light (back soon), pink wall hook, felt ball garland (in store very soon) and similar ballerina cushion, all available through missmollycoddle.

Sarah x

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Colourful Geometric Inspiration...

I've noticed a trend for bright colourful geometric prints lately, and I'm LOVING it!  A full wall may not be for everyone (and I'm pretty confident it wouldn't be for my husband), but never fear, there are loads of ways to introduce a touch of this glorious pattern into your home, without it actually taking over your home. We've just got the perfect accessory just in, the grid clock (pictured above), made from sustainable Radiata Pine plywood, and designed and made right here in NZ.  It would be perfect in a kitchen, or for introducing an array of colours into a kids bedroom.  Here are some images that sparked my love for these patterns...

Love the geometric wall art, image via Armadillo & Co

Paper Room

Sarah x

Thursday, May 22, 2014


I made the switch from white to red wine this week, an acceptance of winters cold embrace on it's way and a luxury I embraced last night, in the form of a lovely large glass!  I fear I may have looked ready to swig straight from the bottle, right there in the alcohol aisle of New World, for the wonderful balloon man magically appeared with two balloons to occupy my hazardous toddlers.  I'm not sure who he is, or his role within the supermarket, but he's come to our rescue on a few occasions now, much like the free bread rolls from the bakery.  They last about halfway round the shop, but it's that final stretch through the frozen aisle and the home run swoop through alcohol that we need another strategy to occupy 'over it' toddlers.  Perhaps alcohol, like the lollies at checkout, are strategically placed, for I'm sure I'm not the only mother tempted to throw an extra bottle in, give me a sample of your latest Sauvignon Blanc and I might just add another for good measure!

Other signs the weather has turned is our rather urgent need to insulate. As I type this a crew of men are installing underfloor insulation, having just finished blanketing our ceiling.  I hope it feels like we're wrapped in one great big snugly blanket tonight. Taranaki people, did you know you may be able to add insulation to your rates bill?  We got ours done through Wise better homes.

Forget Spring cleaning, Autumn always gets me.  I think it's the whole snuggling up inside that does it, perhaps the extra time indoors to notice the state of your windows and the accumulating dust on surfaces. Well, ecostore are offering a Home Detox Pack, all their lovely fragrance free products for an amazing $25 including shipping, what are you waiting for? Click on the photo above to nab yours now.

This gorgeous crochet booties tutorial is just what you need if you want to get your winter craft on.  Love them!  Beautiful blog full of delicious recipes too, definitely worth a browse.

This little ladies coat flew out the door, in fact it was sold before I got a chance to list it.  Sold to a lovely customer who contacted me via facebook with her preferences, and I'm pleased to say, she loved it!  I'm just about finished an identical one in a size 4, the last of this fabric.  If you'd like to secure it, please email me at 

Have a lovely afternoon,

Sarah x

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Decorating kids rooms: Fireplaces

Edens painted fire place

I love decorating kids rooms!  I don't mean floor to ceiling Winnie the Pooh either, more of an extension of my style, but with a fun, whimsical twist...and lots of practical storage!  Having lived in a small home I developed a real appreciation for storage and wall hooks (hence the growing range of fabulous hooks on MissMollyCoddle).  Our previous home, the home I brought my babies home to, was tiny.  So tiny, their shared room was directly off our kitchen, which was the walkway through to our bathroom (yup, no hallway). There was no shutting the door on any mess, as it was also the sunniest room, providing light for our kitchen.  These reasons may have contributed to my obsession with decorating it, and the pleasure I got from viewing that (occasionally) perfectly styled room was immense.

We've moved on and are now fortunate to have a room each for the kids, two rooms to decorate (woohoo!).  The youngest, least likely to complain has been designated the worst room in the house, with the least features and less appeal to decorate.  Eden however, has nabbed herself a beauty.  Gorgeous ceiling, large villa window and the piece de resistance, a fireplace!  I painstakingly painted this and just finished spraying the fire, with a lesson learnt in the process, never underestimate the drift from spray paint!  Thank goodness for dark carpet, we can probably pass the marks off as shadows. I've now been browsing pinterest for styling inspiration and I'm sure her mantle piece will undergo many transformations, as we're yet to finish unpacking all her accessories.  I'll be back with more pics too as we slowly progress through our house, room by room.

Inspiration via pinterest

Have a happy afternoon x

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Copper vase diy...

I've just come across THIS gorgeous diy copper vase post, you'll love I promise.  I'm a big fan of spray paint and have just recently discovered that I can get any colour I like mixed and put in a can! Pure diy heaven (in a can).  I'm also a huge fan of copper, copper and mint in particular AND I'm also a big fan of A Beautiful Mess,so be sure to have a browse through the rest of their gorgeous blog. Want to read more about the book, Furniture Makeovers,  that inspired their post, check out my review here.

Sarah x

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

New book Tuesday: Belle and Boo bubbles before bed...

We received this gorgeous book as a gift a year or two back and although we enjoyed reading it, we saved the crafts and drawing activities till Eden was a bit older and able to enjoy doing them herself (you should see what she drew living under the sea!) or with some help from me.  We've been reading it again lately with the promise we'll make things when she has an afternoon with no preschool, and Ben is asleep (it's just easier). The Boo flannel puppet was our first craft activity and great fun.

We made a few adjustments, as you can see.  Eden traced the pattern pieces herself, that's the four of them top left.  I thought we may have some sizing issues (bless her four year old tracing/cutting skills) so I amended slightly when cutting (careful not to draw attention/offend). We used facecloth fabric for the soap holding pocket and rather than stitching right sides together, we did a short zig zag (applique) on the edges to avoid turning it out, as the fabric was too bulky and it would lose it's shape. This also left enough room for a wee hand to go inside and play puppets.  We also stopped embroidering after the face as I realised it was not my forte and Ben was up and ready for afternoon tea, our craft session was over!

The book tells the story of a bedtime routine and is interspersed with beautiful illustrations to colour in and crafts to make, including a dress up doll.  This will be a book we'll be treasuring, as it not only reminds us of snuggly bedtime stories, but is now full of precioius four year old drawings.

You can buy this book through Belle and Boo online, they ship internationally.


Thursday, April 24, 2014

Baking with toddlers...

I just had to share this little apron with you, it was such a happy accident.  I found the bodice in my cupboard already made and was just about to cut out some gingham (which also looks super cute) to make the skirt, when I glanced across the room and realised the fabric I'd just been making coats from was absolutely perfect! It really brings out the peach/coral pink of the floral Sanderson print and I had just enough left.  It'll be getting listed here later today, so some lucky little girl will be all set for baking.

Speaking of which, who honestly really enjoys baking with toddlers?  I want to. Some times I do.  More often than not I'm just persevering because I want it to be that wonderful mother/child bonding activity that I envisaged.  Think flour EVERYWHERE, tug of war over whisk, fighting over stool (if little brother is helping), spoon in mouth, fingers in mixture, mixture in hair, hair being pulled (if little brother is helping) and that pretty much sums it up, just add audio for full effect.  But, I will persevere, if not for my idealistic pre-children dreams, but for my hopes of an in-house baker.  My sister and I baked from a young age and in a family of 10, I'm sure it was a help/respite for my Mum.  Fed up with watching a whole slice devoured in one morning tea, Mum resorted to baking cakes in a large roasting pan, great big pans of deliciousness... still devoured in record time, poor Mum.  I'll leave you with a typical  image of a mixing bowl in our house, anyone for a cuppa and pikelets? Yes, that's a fairy costume for the occasion. The whisk is our super cute small size rainbow whisk, perfect for kids.  

I'm  off to buy a specially mixed can of spray for Eden's bedhead, I can't wait to see the end result!  Have a lovely day.

Sarah x

Monday, April 7, 2014

Bed love...

It's all about beds in our house at the moment.  Having found a pair of amazing vintage peacock headboards at a garage sale recently, I've been on the hunt for a divan base (I love storage) for Eden, which I've now got and it's on the 'to paint' list.  Just last week I managed to find an old hospital bed (refurbished) for Ben. It's a little bit sad to see my baby out of his cot, but he's climbing out now anyway. If you too have been on the hunt for a vintage iron bed for kids, you've probably seen, or been involved in a virtual scrum, they're in such high demand.  Luckily there are now some REALLY cute reproductions for reasonable prices.  Below are two of my favourites. I love the divine colours of the new Freedom king singles and the detailing is very pretty.  I personally prefer standard singles for kids though and Tempt Interiors do a great replica of the old hospital beds. Their price includes delivery. 

Above are a couple of my favourite examples of antique iron beds in a similar style to the reproductions above.  I love the colours in the top one and how the picture ties in with the wall dots, great revamp for the drawers and an all time fave of mine, the little toadstool lamp.  The bottom image has been a great source of inspiration for Ben's room, love it!  Image sources can be found via my pinterest boards, children's rooms.


I got super lucky with my peacock headboards, which are the same as the image below. If you haven't had any luck and have been coveting the gorgeous ones in Australian store The family love tree, then you'll be please to know beautiful cane headboards can be found in NZ.  Here's a selection from Wellington store Behome.

Some room inspiration for cane headboards, via my colour board on pinterest.


If you're based in Australia you'll be lucky enough to have access to another beautiful store, Incy Interiors and all their gorgeous children's furniture, like the Penny bed below.  If not, I thought you may take inspiration from it as I'm constantly seeing old, dark stain, turned beds at my local op shops.  They're just screaming out for a sand and lick of paint and would easily look as gorgeous as the one below, for a fraction of the price.

A perfect example of an old turned bed revamped! Image source here.

Sweet dreams x

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