Monday, September 11, 2017

Our horrendous experience and what it's taught me...

I've been very quiet on social media for the last month, as we've had quite a horrific experience, which kept me very busy with injured and sick loved ones, and emotionally drained. Fortunately it has had a positive outcome.

My precious daughters (7 & 2 years) and husband, were all hit by a car while crossing the road on a pedestrian crossing.  Miraculously, they're all still here and I'm so, SO grateful for that.

It was an absolutely horrendous experience. They'd gone for a walk to the foreshore, just to get some fresh air.  I'd barely said goodbye.  Five minutes later, I answered a call from my husband, saying he'd been hit by a car. I wasn't aware the girls had been too, until Ben and I arrived at the scene a few minutes later, and what I was met with is firmly etched in my mind. I found out later that Eden, although badly bruised and with a broken collar bone, had been more concerned with how/where her sister was, which was lovely to hear, and heartbreaking too. Her sister was alarmingly quiet and covered in blood, in her stroller. I'd actually put her in a flimsy umbrella buggy for the walk, but at the last minute I got her big stroller out of the car and transferred her, so that I could tuck a blanket around her and keep her cosy, as she'd had croup the week before. A decision that possibly saved her life. Had Ben not been unwell, he too would have gone for a walk. So that week at least, I was very grateful for viruses!

Having come so close to tragedy, has made me so much more aware that none of us are immune to it. It's been a big fright for a lot of our friends too, particularly those (most of them) with young children, it's all just a bit too close to home. The initial shock of it all is fading, Dave and the kids have recovered from their injuries and the multiple viruses/ear infections that were thrown into the mix, and our house is once again loud and chaotic (which is probably a good thing), normality reigns! However, as nice as normality is, I don't want to forget how easily it can be lost. I really do want to cherish this amazing time we have with our kids, and appreciate all the moments together... maybe yell a little less, strangely easy after a fright like this.

A timely post on Facebook last week really hit home, as it so easily could have been my story too, a thought I have often, every day.   It shared a post from a dad who lost his young son and the advice he had for parents, advice on what's truly important.  I can tell you, I've never been so happy to sing along to Eden's school choir CD, or play baby dolls with Summer, or hug my husband. You can read it here, I'd recommend you do.

As well as a huge appreciation for still having my husband and daughters, I'm immensely grateful for all the love and support from our friends, family, and community.  I could have done without this experience, but if if there are positives to be found, this is certainly one of them.  We were swamped with messages of love. Girlfriends did a roster for dinners and others delivered delicious meals we were able to freeze for those nights I really needed them. People were so generous and thoughtful with their gifts, the kids thoroughly enjoyed checking the letterbox, and kids cards are often hilarious!

I hesitated writing this post. Firstly it felt a bit personal, secondly I just want to move on (and ramble on about decor/crafts etc..).  But, it's made me truly appreciate the precious moments with my loved ones, immensely grateful for all our wonderful friends and family... and a more cautious driver.  I hope reading it (without having to go through the trauma yourself) can do the same for you. Hug your kids a little bit harder next time you see them (even if bedtime was hell tonight!), nothing in life is as important as time with our loved ones... ever!

See you back here soon, with a much lighter post.

Sarah x

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  1. A beautifully written post Sarah. So happy with the positive outcome & we can't wait to see all soon. Much love, Narina and Sam ❤️ xo


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