Monday, September 19, 2016

Toy smeg...

Check out her grin! I knew she'd love a smeg as much as I do, I even got an excited clap.  I've been looking at this wee oven for ages (years), thinking I should give it a revamp, I finally did.  Here's a few action shots, beautifully modelled by Miss Summer.

I had leftover paint from our front door, which was the perfect colour, and a high gloss.  The knobs were painted in Resene Stack (our doorstep colour), the elements a glossy black and the inside I sprayed with a can of chrome coloured spray paint.  New handles were from bunnings.  The smeg letters were from a gold coin shop, in the craft aisle, they're foam stickers and I sprayed them with the same paint I used inside the oven.   

The oven as it was.

My inspiration (via pinterest).  I had actually started giving the oven a new coat of white paint, but was feeling very uninspired by it.  This picture got me thinking about a colour, which led to the idea of going for a pastel smeg stove.

This was a fun little project, which I'm sure will keep Summer very entertained, win/win!

Sarah x

ps.  Belly baskets available here


  1. So sweet! And little one looks rather pleased with the transformation...

  2. Such a clever mummy. Oven looks very cute as does summer x


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