Thursday, September 1, 2016

Macrame inspiration...

One of my favourite trends at the moment is macrame, either plant hangers (natural and vivid colours) and glorious bohemian wall hangings, I can't get enough!  Here's some of the most inspiring pictures I've come across and links to a couple of great books, if you want to give a go yourself.  I'm keen to have a go at a larger piece and would love any advise on where to find the natural cord (preferably in NZ).  Thanks in advance!

I LOVE plants in kids rooms (as blogged about here) and this is one of the best examples I've seen, what a rad room!

via etsy

My favourite style of macrame hanging includes driftwood and lots of beautiful curves, a perfect statement piece in a lounge, or above a bed.  Next on my 'to make' list!

Here's my 'petite' first attempt.  I actually really love it, despite running out of cord, hence the staggered fringing.  It was great practice and surprisingly easy.  I used my clothes rack to hang it from while I knotted, which was perfect, I could sit on the couch with it in front of me.  I just used cord I already had from a hardware store, it was fine for this, but am after a slighter thinner one for a larger project.

For all those enjoying the resurgence of crafts, this book is for you!  Full of instructions on traditional crafting techniques, yet thoroughly modern in style, you'll love it.  Find out more here.

I bought a copy of this book off trademe, and found it covered all I needed to know, albeit in a bit more detail than I was after, at this stage anyway.  Available here.

Macrame wall hanging from MissMollyCoddle

If you're not up for making one, we sell this beauty. Perfect in all it's natural, simplicity.

Sarah x

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