Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Giveaway and Ducks

I love giveaways! I love them best when I win, which is more likely to happen if not too many people enter.... but I'm feeling kind, so will share a link to this gorgeous fabric giveaway.  She has a lovely online fabric shop, which is worth a browse if you're planning some Christmas sewing.  I have an ever growing pile of clothes that need altered/mended and a pile of baby shoes to do the final sewing on, so will try and focus on these first... though I have been sidetracked by some restoration and painting projects, will post photos soon.

Oh, and I won an auction for the cutest piece of barkcloth fabric on trademe last night...

I missed out on it a while back, I forgot the auction was closing, but it was relisted last week as the previous buyer hadn't completed the sale... yippee!!! It's 100cm x 100cm.  I'm thinking a baby blanket, maybe backed in a yellow fabric?  I don't really want to cut it up too much but I want to make something that will get heaps of use and last, any suggestions?

Well I'm sure Poppets babbling would be translated into 'would you get off that computer Mum and feed me', so must go.

Have a lovely day... and good luck with the giveaway! (Gosh, that's good of me isn't it?)


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