Monday, December 13, 2010

Gorgeous girls fabric find...

I virtually flew across the room to snap us this piece of fabric.  It's my favourite Salvo's find for quite some time. I love vintage Sarah Kay fabrics and am always keeping an eye out for pieces.  This had been a curtain(I wish the other one had been there too!), you can see the pretty edging near Poppet's foot.  It's roughly 1.5 x 1.5m and was only $3, bargain!

We have some bibs made from vintage Sarah Kay fabric and I love them.  They seemed very familiar when I first spotted them.  I must have had something made from her fabric as a child, but I can't recall what.  Her prints are always so sweet.  I especially love the little girl embroidering on this piece.

Hope you've had as successful a flea market find this week, to see more pop over to Sophie's.

Sarah :)


  1. I can imagine ... the eyes ... "move, excuse me" grasp! and satisfaction .. lol

  2. I would have been flying right along side you! Well done for snapping up this bit of lovely.

    And thanks for adding my giveaway button!!



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