Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Our wedding anniversary...

Yesterday was our second wedding anniversary, so I thought I'd give you a glimpse into our special day.

I love this photo.  It's not actually the church we married in(just wanted to confuse future generations) but it would have been if we could have all fit.  It fits about 40 and is single file down the aisle, not really what i envisaged.  We got some lovely photos here though.

Recognise the brooch? I had found the dress I wanted, but hadn't yet purchased it and didn't know for certain that the brooch would work.  The dress had a cluster of crystals on the front, which I wanted to remove and replace with a cameo. I almost didn't buy the brooch, we were on holiday when I spotted it, and trying to watch our spending.  Soooo glad I got it, it worked perfectly. I used the crystals to make my earrings.

  The cupboard belonged to an old neighbour of my cousins.  As a small boy his family had lived in India and this was a kitchen cupboard.  It travelled back to the UK with them and then on to New Zealand. When he moved in to a rest home, he gave it to my cousin, who very kindly gave it to me(she knew I loved it), when it didn't really suit her new home.

You guessed it, the wedding had a vintage theme.  Pink, ivory and black.  Lace and pearls.  Roses, sweet peas and hydrangeas.  Doilies, decanters and cut glass comports.

It was a perfect day, with lots of special, personal touches and shared with all our very much loved family and friends.    And I married the most amazing man, the loveliest husband and now wonderful Dad, all rolled into one. xx

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