Friday, January 14, 2011

and the winner is.....

drumroll please.... Anne Wilkes! Congratulations Anne, so pleased my shoes have a new home with your wee poppet.  Thanks to all the existing and new 'likers' of missmollycoddle on facebook, and those that spread the word. Remember, I show all my new styles there, so be sure to keep an eye out.

Poppet got a new swing for Christmas, which she loves!  It can be changed to suit different ages and stages, so will no doubt get heaps of use for a long time to come.  Here is another swing (I love) for older children, that I thought I'd share with you....

What a clever idea!  I love toys built to last, wooden or handmade,but especially those made from recycled materials, usually fabric, but in this case old tyres.  They're available from the gorgeous baby website, Unique Boutique and currently have 20% off.

It looks set to be another gorgeous day here today... I should probably continue painting the fence... though my sewing room is beckoning, gosh I wonder which will have the biggest pull?  Have a lovely day, and I hope if you're on the rummage this weekend, that you find yourselves lots of great op shop/garage sale bargains.

Sarah :)

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  1. Fence painting! Hard to get motivated on that one in this heat - I too am working on ours, but leaving it till the early evening... and by then I can't be bothered!


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