Sunday, February 6, 2011

Flea Market Finds...

Apparently, 'we really don't need anymore blankets'... but I couldn't resist. All three cost me $8 in total, from a couple of different garage sales.  I wanted them for craft fabrics, but now they're home I'm not sure I can part with them, let alone cut them up.  The colours are PERFECT in Poppet's room. 

I also stopped in at my local Saturday market for a few plants, my garden needed a colour injection.  Mum has been telling me all summer that I should sprinkle some cosmos seeds, she's right.  I bought a couple of white cosmos plants, they look amazing, wish I got a few more.  I'll happily let them drop their seeds for next summer.

Hope you had a lovely weekend.  To see more flea market finds, pop over here.



  1. You canNEVER have enough blankets!
    not ever, =)
    They are wonderfull colours, and such a good price!

  2. The colours are beautiful. They look wonderful against the sofa too. Very shabby chic!
    My Flea Market Find

  3. Oh my, please don't tell me those blankets are 100% wool and made in NZ!? I am sooo jealous! Those colours would look great in my little girl's room, too - I would definitely keep them as is. I have a few NZ wool blankets and I am going to be on the lookout for more while I'm home.

    By the way, your little kiwi is on it's way - I got it in the mail last Friday (would have been earlier if it hadn't been for the blizzard!)


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