Tuesday, May 3, 2011

This made me laugh....

While sipping on yet another flat white on holiday, flicking through the cafes magazines, I came across an article in a recent Next magazine.  It was on Hoi An, which was my favourite Vietnamese city during our honeymoon.  It had the above picture, of what appears to be a very traditional local woman.  Caption reads 'No carrier bags here - this is the favoured way of transporting produce'.  Ha! We came across the same woman, and were delighted she stopped to say hello and offered to pose for a photo.  Well we got our photo and were promptly presented with an outstretched hand for payment.  Somewhat begrudgingly we parted with a small donation, only to see her lift the lid on her EMPTY produce basket and pop the money inside.  Over the next few days, we witnessed this same entrepreneurial woman repeat her performance for tourists many times over.  I can't help but wonder if the writer of the story was also aware of this, but felt it made for a great photo, or perhaps she just never saw her lift the lid.  Tourism has definitely hit!

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  1. Smart business woman - she found a niche market. :-)


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