Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Old Spitalfields Market, did you know it was vintage day on a Thursday? 
images via dottieangel

packed Portobello Market

How could I exclude the Queen of vintage style?  

and my latest Cath Kidston love

Our household hasn't been very productively lately (have you missed me?), we've been plagued by bugs and colds, and have spent an unhealthy amount of time on the couch.  It's no wonder I've been daydreaming of distant shores and holidays.  Good ol Blighty in particular.  My daydreams have taken me to many a good vintage market, and naturally a pub or two.  I feel very nostalgic... and somewhat old.  It was recently ten years since I headed off on my OE.  TEN years! Where has the time gone?

I recently discovered that Spitalfields market has a vintage day on a Thursday, just look at the images above... I wonder if they still sell those DELICIOUS pies!  I also loved a Saturday morning browse around Portobello Markets, topped off with a smorgasbord vegetarian takeaway for lunch, yum, yum!  I loved wandering around Covent Garden taking in all the little boutique vintage clothing stores, and usually ending up at food for thought, a favourite, quirky little cafe... or a pub(it was my early twenties after all).  And sadly, though not so for my wallet, Cath Kidston was unknown to me, and not so widespread, when I was in the UK.  She's since opened a store on Marylebone High Street, which was walking distance from work and would have no doubt been a favourite lunchtime visit... along with Patisserie Valerie for a custard donut.... Yes, food always featured highly on my travels, well food and shopping... oh and I suppose sightseeing got a wee look in too.

Have a lovely day wherever you are, and happy daydreaming!


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