Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Vintage Kitchen Swap...

I recently took part in Stella's vintage kitchen swap.  It was such a great idea.  Not only do I love vintage kitchenware(I have books on collecting), but I also LOVE getting mail.  I was paired with the lovely Clare, from green valley crafts.  She kindly sent me the gorgeous parcel above, all very perfectly colour co-ordinated, I love the pinks and blues.  The teaspoon is very cute too, much nicer than my bendy ones, I'm going to start looking out for more like it.  She added yellow beads to a pretty doily, for a jug cover.  I'm really regretting leaving a sweet wee yellow jug at my local op shop.  It would have been perfect.  My husband would disagree, but I say,  NEVER LEAVE ANYTHING AT AN OP SHOP THAT YOU MAY REGRET NOT PURCHASING... you will never come across it again, and they cannot order more in for you!  Words of wisdom from a true hoarder.

Enjoy your afternoon,

Sarah :)


  1. Glad you like the colours Sarah! I still think I owe you a little extra due to what you sent for me!! x

  2. Ooh look at those delightful treasures, just lovely.

    I have learnt from experience not to leave something behind at the op shops that I know I will later regret.


  3. I still think of a quilt I left at a shop...but what a fun parcel you have and a good excuse to find a jug.


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