Thursday, February 16, 2012

Pottery and oilcloth love...

Beautiful colour!

Love the French Salad bowl, with it's wee spout for pouring dressing.

I've mentioned my love for Tony Sly Pottery before, now one of my favourite fabric stores stocks his gorgeous wares.  Femme de Brocante, of Rangiora, have the most gorgeous fabrics, including an extensive range of delicious 'Cath Kidston' style oilcloths, french style home wares and now the worlds loveliest pottery!   If you're in Rangiora, be sure to visit them (you lucky, lucky Cantabrian's), and if you're in Raglan, be sure to visit Tony Sly's new workshop/store, which has been rebuilt on the wharf (following a fire which destroyed the previous premises).  He also has stockists throughout New Zealand, and Femme de brocante are happy to post fabrics... I currently have a bundle of duck egg oilcloth samples to choose from.

Anyway, that's all, just thought I'd share some lovely retail treasures.



  1. Crazy! I just got sent some sample fabrics from Femme de Brocante. Fabulous Fabric! I've never been there I just found them on the net :)

  2. I LOVE that pottery. Next time I'm home I'm definitely going to Raglan to check it out!!!


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