Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My Creative Space: MissMollyCoddle Dollhouse

Welcome, won't you come on in...

My favourite room is undoubtedly the nursery.  Some of the furniture came with the house, a few extra bits were bought cheaply off trademe, all got a spray of white paint as I'm a big fan of white furniture in a nursery.  The change table got a new pink top, the cot a duvet, rocking horse a new seat and the stroller got pimped in a nod to Poppet's stroller revamp.  I kept the pink on the rocking chair and mod podged a gorgeous piece of gift wrap to the back, so sweet. The floor rug was made from a scrap of Babushka fabric, glued to a red linen scrap, the ends I frayed to resemble tassle edging.  I love the wallpaper in this room too, such a cute wee deer print.  It's scrapbooking paper from spotlight, as are all the wallpapers.

I recovered the plan toy lounge suite that came with the house.  A very time consuming task I might add!  The coffee table got a new top, another piece from the same sheet of gorgeous checkered wrapping paper. Very Cath Kidston! I sprayed the lamp white and glued a new shade on, in the same cute pink fabric scrap used in nursery.

The kitchen furniture was all natural wood, just not very me, so out came the white spray paint again.  I carefully (not so carefully on fridge) covered all the pink surfaces with masking tape to retain the pink.  The scale of furniture was also a bit all over the place, fridge same size as chairs etc... but hey it's ultimately a play doll house.  I'm tempted to do a perfectly scaled one, complete with tiny accessories for myself.   The wrapping paper came in handy here too, providing a splash back on stove, pretty front to sink and new seat covers on chairs.  The table and highchair tray got new oilcloth covers, thanks to the Cath Kidston samples collected by my mother in law, they've come in very handy.

The flooring was my wee splurge, costing the same as house and original furniture (which had been a bargain, so I felt I could justify importing flooring). I bought paper floorboard sheets from here, though you can find printable sheets through google.  

The windows still provide the most entertainment.  

Here's the jumbled mess it began as.

There's still a few wee touches I want to add to the inside, though I'm limited to child safe accessories.  The exterior is not quite finished either.  Poppet stood on the veranda railing and broke it, so will be removing and touching up the paint.  Mum is an artist (lucky me) and is decorating it, the first photo is a sneak peek.  She started today, while I snuck out to do the groceries, childless.  I arrived home to Mum asking how I get anything done (Ben had wind, Poppet wanted to run off and paint everything). Very slowly!  In fact, I've decided not to mention any projects until finished, as I'm sure many would agree, babies and toddlers are not conducive to high productivity, sigh... lucky for them, they're pretty cute.

For more creative spaces, pop over here.

Sarah :)


  1. Oh it is gorgeous! I want one for myself.

    You did a great job


  2. Sarah it looks fabulous - I LOVE IT!!! I really want to do up a dolls house for my little girl in the next year or so, as well. Totally know what you mean though about having a baby and a toddler and the lack of productivity... I have to burn the midnight oil if I want to get any crafting done!!! :o)

  3. You clever gal! This looks amazing. Love the Kath Kidston touch. Can never go wrong with Kath:)

  4. Sooooooooo cuuuuuuuuuuute. Can I place an order?

  5. This is GORGEOUS! Just lovely. I want to move in!
    And I totally agree - babies and toddlers do not make it easy at all to create, but it is much more satisfying to complete something other than dishes and laundry ;)

  6. You have done a beautiful job, I love, love, love it!! I wish I had kept my child hood doll's house for a revamp.

  7. that is lovely... loving all the wallpaper prints. I have a huge one made by the kids granddad.... just at the dreaming stage about giving it a interior revamp

  8. Fantastic job and well done getting it finished with a toddler and a baby- time sure is precious isn't it!! I tried spray painting all my furniture but it went all bubbly so I had to do it all by hand darn it! Can't wait to see more of your mums art work too- the climber by the front door looks amazing! Going to share this on my FB page too for all the dollshouse reno fans out there :)

  9. It's gorgeous! Well done.

  10. This is just beautiful! Wow - what a great makeover. I'm sure your little girl will get a lot of fun out of this.

  11. Oh my, that is adorable! I have the dollshouse my Grandpa made my sister and I... it is looking very sad (my mum had it sitting outside for years... so annoyed!) but you've just given me the inspiration I needed to fix it up for my little girl... thanks! Fantastic work and attention to detail. Love it.

  12. Poppet's dolls house is beautiful. Great restoration; you should have entered this in Maisy & Grace's recent DIY competition!


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