Thursday, June 14, 2012

My creative space: Little Ladies Vintage Style Coat

I think this may just be my favourite (though I say that every new coat).  I love the 1930's style cotton lining and just had to have the green wooden buttons, pricey as they were.  I really love big and bright buttons, and these are both.  Perfect for a wee lady.

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  1. Another gorgeous little coat...... that green ric rac and the buttons give it a lovely, vintage vibe. I have the same fabric you used for lining your coat.
    Pink and red together makes me happy ......... I couldn't resist buying a metre or two (plus it was half price hehe..)

    Claire :

  2. Cute little jacket there, I made a full human size one this week it was easier than I thought but the woollies can get a bit thick in parts dont you find? Yours has a very lovely shape & colour & lining & buttons :)

  3. Love it! I really like big, brightly coloured buttons too, and the lining and ric-rac detail on the collar are really pretty.

  4. Goodness this is gorgeous. I adore ric rac trim + pink & green is one of my favourite colour combinations. Stunning work, love Posie

  5. Really cute color! during winter months its looking amazing to dress up with high quality
    ladies jacket to look stunning and smart!


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