Thursday, August 2, 2012

My creative space... office chair

my chair, pre revamp.

Freedom Furniture's super cute office chair, here.

I decided to pimp my sewing chair as it was looking a wee bit worse for wear, and I'd seen some fabulous revamps, such as this one, on pinterest.  It was my Gran's sewing chair, and I'm rather attached to it. I imagine her sitting on it at her sewing machine, whipping up another speedy creation, everything she did was with great efficiency.

I've had this very bold piece of vintage fabric for quite some time and was happy to find a use for it.  My husband raised his eyebrows at it, but I think it looks fantastic!  Perhaps he too should read Homespun style, he may start embracing colour too!

If you can't be bothered doing a revamp, though it really was incredibly easy, freedom furniture sell the super cute spotty one above.

For more creative spaces, pop over here.

Also, for those of you who loved my 'mini me' post on big and little chairs, check out these fabulous egg chairs, love!

Sarah :)


  1. I love colour, and think your chair revamp looks awesome! It must be so nice to have something that was your Gran's with a dash of you on it now, too. And that polkadot chair is just a bit cute too.

  2. Wow, what a difference some gorgeous fabric can make........I have a similar blue chair in my sewing room. Now I know what to do with it. Must sort through my fabric stash for some suitable material........ great job.

    Claire :}

  3. I think yours looks much nicer than Freedom's offering Sarah. What a transformation, and it's so lovely that it used to be your Granny's.

  4. Love the chair and the fabric, what a great idea.

  5. Looks great! My chair is in good nick, but very boring black... must have a go too sometime. Good to hear it was easy enough.


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