Friday, May 3, 2013

Things I'm loving... Autumn

Delicious apples and feijoas from Mum's.  The apple tree is a beautiful old fashioned variety, nothing like the supermarket apples, and they're great for baking too, we've had a couple of Apple cakes, and apple and feijoa crumbles, I don't even stew fruit first and they're delicious.

Late afternoon playtime in the garden, teeny gumboots, woolly hats and wobbly steps!

The last of my hydrangea blooms, with their muted shades and bright pink tips, beautiful.

and lastly, loads of very pretty giveaways, it seems to be the season for them. 

Have a lovely afternoon x

ps. joining in here.


  1. All 3 of my kiddies learnt how to walk by pushing a trolley, so good for balance. He is so cute by the way. We have loved the feijoa season this year. Feijoa puddings galore! xo

  2. I will be so sad when feijoa season is over - my favourite time of the year. And isn't that giveaway of Stella's simply awesome?!


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