Tuesday, June 4, 2013

New book Tuesday... the best EVER boredom buster book for kids!

So last week went progressively downhill in our household.  It started with snotty noses and coughs, and ended in chest infections, sleep deprivation, no preschool, rain, rain, rain, no outdoor play... and severe cabin fever!  Thankfully I'd already raided the preschool activity section of my local library, as this book saved my sanity.  I've been wanting to do more craft activities at home with Poppet, and last week proved the perfect time to start, we had a lot of fun together stuck inside creating.  Here's her egg carton tea set, she coloured in the sides of the cups and bowls in stripes and dots...

As the title states, it has a whopping 200 crafts and activities in it, all conveniently arranged into easy to use sections. Each project is labelled with one or more symbols to indicate approximate age it is suitable for, and is broken down into; what you need, what your child does, what you do, what you do together and any ideas for variations.  

I'm sure there will be times you'll ask yourself 'why didn't I think of this?' and I can probably answer that for you 'because you're sleep deprived, the washing machine is still beeping, you  haven't gotten anything out the freezer for dinner, the missing library book really is missing... and you're out of milk for that much needed coffee'. Am I correct? I'm pretty sure it's not just me that has days like that, so probably best we rely on someone else to supply the ideas.

Now I had trouble tracking this book down (my edition was 1989), but it's worth checking your library for it.  I did discover while hunting, that a second edition for older children has been published, it's available here

I've bookmarked quite a few more activities which I'm sure the kids will love, and we have celery changing colour on our windowsill as I type.  I'd love to hear of any other books like this (you can never have too many ideas), or favourite activity you do with your kids?

Sarah x

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