Thursday, June 20, 2013

Random things I'm loving...

Making rainbow celery, a fun use for left over celery when making soup, idea from this book.
(Still LOVING my fridge too!)
My $25 fragrance free (+free shipping) pack from Eco Store arrived today, bargain, especially since I use most of these products anyway. Sign up to get notified of future promotions.
3.2metres of vintage unused ballerina barkcloth arrived today!  Very pleased with this purchase.  Still has original shop tags, and unfortunately cellotape residue, though still heaps of it in pristine condition.  Can't wait to start making!
Our favourite biscuit recipe.  Poppet is a pro at choc button placement... a true lady, she can even multitask and caught up with Sesame Street on her own telly (made from a kids shoebox).
Some new stock.  I'm especially loving the ballet and polkadot combo and the circus pair.
Facebook love! Am having a wee giveaway to say thanks for liking, ends tomorrow, pop over here to enter. 

Be sure to pop back tomorrow night for 'a cuppa with'.... well you'll just have to pop back to find out.

Umm... that's all for now xx

ps. joining in here.


  1. how cute is that TV!!! lovely post :)

  2. ooh, the ballerina barkcloth is gorgeous, can't wait to see your creations. The Ecostore offer was fab wasn't it, I had to take advantage too.

  3. Sweet portable tellie! And the circus print little shoes are oh so cute... love that fabric!

  4. Lots to love here - I saw someone else with that Ecostore pack - great value - wish I'd known about it - and the delish-ish-ness of those wee shoes are too much!

  5. The shoes and the coat are gorgeous! Loving the multi-tasking :)


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