Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A cuppa with... Eleanor from Petite Kitchen

I doubt many of you need an introduction to the very talented Eleanor Ozich.  If her name doesn't ring a bell, I'm sure her blog, Petite Kitchen, and her facebook page will, as they've both amassed quite a following.  It's no surprise either, with Eleanors inspirational, wholesome recipes and divine imagery, you'll be licking your lips and warming your oven in no time. 

I recently purchased her Winter journal and am working my way through her deliciously simple, guilt free recipes with great gusto and anticipation of her next publication.

It was a pleasure finding out more about Eleanor, not least surprising is that she's only 25! Quite a feat achieving all that she has at such a young age, with two small children in tow.  A sign, I'm sure, that there will be lots more to come from this very talented lady.  One to watch people!

Tell us a bit about yourself...

Hello, my name is Eleanor. I am a 25 year old mother of two beautiful children, and wife to Valentin who is the founder/designer of I Love Ugly Menswear. I love to focus my all on raising our children in a holistic and natural way. One of my biggest passions is to be able to share my love of wholesome and nourishing foods with others through my blog, Petite Kitchen.

If you could be instantly transported anywhere for the weekend, where would it be? What would you see and do?

Amsterdam. My husband and I went there for our honey moon, and absolutely fell in love with this incredible city. The food is divine,  and the beautiful surroundings are just breath taking. My first stop would be the food markets, then to go for a bike ride around all the back streets of the city.

Do you have a favourite store for buying your pantry staples, or for more difficult to source ingredients? Do you have an online favourite for those of us not in Auckland?

I absolutely love Bulk Foods in Mount Eden, unfortunately they do not have a website. For online shopping, begoodorganics is fantastic.

Have you always enjoyed cooking and what is your earliest memory of doing so?

I grew up living above my parents restaurant, so have been surrounded by food and cooking right from the beginning.  I used to hang out with all the chefs after school, and ask as many questions as I could. It wasn't until about a year or so ago, that cooking truly became a passion for me though, this was when I started my blog.

Your food styling and photography is absolutely gorgeous, I love the rustic style with your delicate antique cutlery and crockery.  Are these family treasures or do you have a favorite place to find them?

I have collected these beautiful items from a number of op shops around Auckland. I absolutely love op shopping, and this is something I have loved doing since my early teens. Is still can't drive past a Hospice or Salvation Army without feeling the need to go in.

Do you have a favourite pearl of wisdom you'd like to share with us?

To not be too hard on yourself, nobody is perfect. By making one small change every day, it can make the world of difference in the long run.

Thanks Eleanor, and all the best for your culinary journey, we look forward to sharing it with you and can't wait to see the next instalment!


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  1. Wow! What a wonderful person to interview. I'm a huge Petite Kitchen fan and have blogged some of the things I have made from Elenor's latest winter journal. Elaina xo


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