Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Things I'm loving...

This photo of our two little munchkins at the cafe at Piha, enjoying their little tubs of ice cream at the kid sized picnic table.  It was such a beautiful day, our first real taste of Summer, with sand so hot you could barely walk on it.  Without fail, our little dude always turns his cap backwards.

Nope, not my garden, but I love it. We recently attended a wedding at Avoca Beach, North of Sydney, and this was the garden at our accommodation. Can anyone please tell me what the pinkish/reddish/burgundy plant is?  I love it and want to get some for my new garden, which I've just finished digging after laying the hose out to work out it's shape (does anyone else do that?), and am ready to plant. I'm going for the subtropical look, so gained heaps of inspiration while in Sydney.  I'll try my luck with banana plants again too, as they did so well at our last house, we actually produced bananas, something I never expected in New Plymouth!

Ladybird lift the flap books.  We bought this airport one for Ben, on our way back from Sydney, both the kids love it.  There are flaps under flaps, and every section of the airport and process of flying is covered, so a perfect book to accompany a trip away with kids.  Fishpond have a good selection of them.

Last but certainly not least...This time (well in about 20 minutes) four years ago, our little lady arrived and changed our lives forever.  We never could have imagined how entertained, exhausted and adored we'd be by her, and how much love we could have for one special little lady!  

As requested, we had a Barbie cake, and it was the easiest in the world to make.  I made it using this recipe, in my medium sized Crown Lynn mixing bowl.  Turned it out and cut a small hole in the base, kind of like coring a lettuce.  I plomped a Barbie mermaid doll in the centre, these are smaller than a normal Barbie, only 20cm, I took the tail off first and plan to reattach it. I made a pink frosting, spread thickly over the skirt and pushed rows of marshmallows into it. There you have it, an over sized skirt, with all the pink glamour a little girl could want.

Sarah x


  1. that book looks great, my Jack is really into planes at the moment and we are going on an overseas holiday next year so it will be perfect for him thanks! Love the cake too, those plants look a bit like bromeliads maybe??

  2. Try 'Ti plant', think this is maybe what you are looking for. i know nothing about them but agree they look stunning. All the best with the subtropical garden, look forward to seeing some pics. Sarah

  3. Lovely pics, Sarah, not much help on the plant front, I'm useless in the garden. I bet your daughter was thrilled with her cake. One more year and she's off to school. Hope everything is going well with your online business and that you and your family have a great Christmas.

  4. I think it is the Ruby Cordyline "Ti" also. Other options you could try for a similar look are some of the red bromeliads, and cannas with beautiful reddish black leaves too.


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