Friday, April 29, 2016

Plants in kid's rooms...

Ben has just had the cutest little planter added to his shelves.  I'm not sure what the plant is, I nabbed a bit from an outdoor pot, but figured if it got a bit unruly, I'd replace with a cactus.  I love that it looks like a hair style.  He's pretty keen on it too, and his sister is pretty jealous!  The Wild things planter is available here.

I've gone a bit plant mad in our house.  It all started with the (must have) fiddle leaf fig plant, the resurrected maiden hair fern (I'd have sworn it was dead) and recently acquired trailing plants (that's another post).  They've spread themselves around our lounge, into the hall, bathroom and lastly, into our kid's rooms. I find plants don't often feature in kids rooms, but I've managed to find a bit of colourful inspiration for you, courtesy of pinterest.

Have a lovely weekend!

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