Thursday, September 9, 2010


I've been sorting out my magazine stash today, as we now have a wee person who wants to pull everything out of the coffee table.  While doing so I came across a mag I may never be able to part with.  It's the Jan/Feb 2005 (!) InsideOut magazine, and the reason I can't part with it is the gorgeous article on Lyn Gardner from Empire Vintage 111, and her adorable converted warehouse!

I just love all the vintage eiderdowns!

What an inspiring workplace this would be! 

The kitchen workbench once came from a haberdashery, kind of a softer take on the industrial look.

Last but definately not least, these were my favourite pages.  Such a feminine Parisian look... one that I don't think my husband would ever go for, oh well.
She has a store in Melbourne, which I went to a couple of years back when over there.  It's well worth a rummage. 

Well, I must get back to the sorting... though this was a good distraction.
If you need further distraction, check out Lyns website on the link above, absolutely gorgeous photographs, very vintage/shabby chic and inspiring.

Have a great afternoon



  1. oh, what a lovely home, nice to find your blog today.

  2. Thanks Tracey. Isn't it amazing? I've spent so long gazing at these pictures... imagining living in such a gorgeous home, love the vintage/shabby chic look!


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