Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Oooh.... I love my latest purchase!

Well I had a wonderful surprise last week.  I love vintage kitchenware and have accumulated quite a bit of enamelware and utensils in particular.  Needing some way of displaying my various ladles, mashers, whisks etc... I purchased a french enamel utensil holder online.  That arrived and looks a wee bit too shabby chic for my kitchen, but may repaint it.  Anyway, the seller then listed a couple of utensils, which I presumed to also be white (the photos were terrible, dark and grainy).... well, I was elated to unwrap them and discover they are the most beautiful duckegg/baby blue colour and match my blue and red colour theme perfectly!!  They remind me of Nigella Lawsons utensils... but original oldies, yay!

Have a great day



  1. ha! the nigella effect... i sure like the vintage style a tad better. beautiful pale colour!

  2. I love this and love those pale blue utensils. Gorgeous! Pale blue and red is edible!!! Love it. You and I have much in common, I'm thinking;)


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