Thursday, September 23, 2010

Look what arrived today....

My much anticipated Cath Kidston order!!! So exciting to see the box, Cath Kidston packing tape and all. Here is a peek at my gorgeous purchases. 

The cups are my favourite colours and the colour scheme for Poppets room.  The hooks are to go on the back of her door, they'll look so cute!  I'll be adorning my glass jars with cute labels and Poppet has a bag for Playcentre next year(one Christmas present done!).

I just love all the colours and patterns of her designs. In fact one day while playing the 'who would you come back as' game (much like the 'what would you buy if you won lotto' game) with my husband... I realised the extent of my passion(a.k.a obsession)... my husband declared he knew who I would come back as, and it was Cath Kidston!  Well at first I was a little bit aghast... I mean shouldn't we all pick someone a bit noble?  someone that does good for mankind? etc... but then I started thinking about it, and the possibility of unlimited access to all her beautiful products, and I bet she has an incredible vintage collection... and yes I think I agree, Cath Kidston I would be!



  1. what gorgeous treats, that backpack is sooo cute! that would be very exciting seeing a cath kidston box on your doorstep. I am a big fan too, she makes the most beautiful things :)

  2. Oh it's all lovely. They are my favourite colours.


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