Monday, October 4, 2010

Placenta anyone???

I'm always keen to enter competitions and this one caught my eye.  I'm afraid to say that I still have Poppets placenta in my freezer(she'll be one in December).  I never really thought I would be one to keep that sort of thing, but after giving birth and seeing what sustained her for all those months, I couldn't just throw it in the hospital bin.  Now, I had every intention of planting it in a pot, but couldn't decide on a plant, rose or citrus? then the year got away on me and so it still resides in our freezer.  Fingers crossed I win this competition and we will finally plant it! I really like the idea of the copper tree tag too, this is what they said about it...

"This copper tree tag is the perfect way to permanently record your child's name and birth date on their tree.
Simply write their details on the tag by placing it on a semi soft surface like a newspaper. This will permanently indent their name into the tag which oxidise to a green brown patina over time.Be sure to place the tag on a branch and not the trunk."

What a great idea.  I guess I would still need to pick a tree though....

Oh and definitely no photo with this post today!

Good luck if you enter.

Have a great day, enjoy the sunshine,



  1. i never kept the placentas from my 2 babies but kinda wished i had. we have a dog that digs up everything including knocking over and digging through pots, he loves dirt, so we didnt. looking back i wish i had and those tags are great!!

  2. Oh no! That would be terrible if he got into your 'placenta pot'... it's a shame, but probably for the best that you didn't keep.
    Thanks for comment

  3. My daughter will be turning 4 in Feb. I still have her placenta sitting in the freezer. We live in a flat with a common garden, I wanted to own a house with our own garden. Maybe next year :-)

    Everytime we have housesitters when we go away I warn them they can eat everything in the freezer... except the placenta. LOL!!!!

  4. That's so funny! I thought this post may get some interesting feedback. You could have a housewarming/placenta burial party when you get your house :)

  5. I still have a placenta in my freezer too and my daughter is 1 1/2 now. With my first daughter we buried her placenta in my parents flower garden and planted a pretty rose on top. Whenever we visit we pass by the special rose as we walk down their garden path. We intend to bury the next one there too.

  6. great idea! I saved all of my three children's placentas and we planted them with a special tree each at my parents house (because we move quite a bit). We chose natives for them. Kowhai for my eldest, totara for my son.. and can't remember for my youngest (oops!). Love the idea of a tag for the tree.


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