Monday, November 29, 2010

Flea Market Finds Showcase...

This weeks flea market finds is a bit of a showcase of some of my favourite treasures.  I just painted a little kitchen shelf the other day, with my much loved tin of high gloss enamel, and am trying to decide what to display on it.  It sits behind my stove top, and used to have a display of my very loved art deco china.  Unfortunately we had a wee accident a couple of weeks ago and I knocked the shelf off, breaking my matching teapot and chipping some of what remains.  Also I think something brighter, in my kitchens red and blue theme would look better.  Here are the options....

Original (remaining) old china, bought off trademe and at flea market

Judgeware wee coffee pot and sugar bowl, a birthday gift from my mum, with duraware cups, a gift from a friend, and from hospice shop

Enamel tins, a gift from my husband, trademe

Tins and Judgeware together

Red theme, coffee pot, a garagesale score for $3 and a duraware cup and saucer from the hospice shop

This is what the corner looks like.  The picture is an ad from an old edmonds recipe book, framed.  I love my red kettle, which was a wedding present.  The fly on it's handle is the downside to this gorgeous weather we're having, and represents my losing battle with the little buggers!!

What do you reckon?  I'm kind of swaying towards the red... but I do love the blues too...

To see more fleamarket finds, pop over to Sophies

Sarah :)


  1. I say rotate because I can't choose between ... although I admit to not too secret fondness for anything red.
    My Flea Market Find

  2. The baby blue & white tins are devine!!

  3. I say red or the blue and white tins .. anything that can tip off and break and cause immediate heartbreak!

  4. That spotted teapot and sugar bowl are darling! I have to admit to loving the red pot and cup & saucer, too, though.

  5. Thanks for all your comments. I've decided to go for the red, though a rotation may be in order. Also, a good friend with great taste in vintage homeware, suggested I needed something else with the red, so the hunt is on!

  6. Love the spotty stuff and beautiful photos too!


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