Saturday, November 20, 2010

Rambling Rose and Hydrangeas

My lovely Mum stopped in here the other day and bought me a couple of plants. A beautiful hydrangea, which reminds me of the ones in my wedding bouquet...

I absolutely love hydrangeas, in fact they're probably my favourite plant, well right up there with hollyhocks, foxgloves, peonies and sweeet peas anyway! 

I'm also developing a love of roses.  My aunty gave me a bouquet of roses from her garden when I got married, I've never seen such a gorgeous bunch.  Lovely large old fashioned roses.  She's since given me some of her plants, and I bought another one last year from this beautiful garden, it's looking gorgeous at the moment.

The other plant Mum bought me was a 'Souvienir de Mme LEONIE VIENNOT 1897'

Mum was very excited to discover this rose rambling through a tree, in the vege garden of her new house.  She had it at a house we lived in when I was a child and loved it.  I plan to plant my one under a tree by my deck and let it scramble up through it like this...

Here's what they say about it 'One of the earliest flowering tea climbers. Repeat flowers over a very long period right into winter here. Very fragrant. Rose-pink flowers with primrose and gold tones. Nice shapely foliage'.  Yummy!

Sarah :)

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  1. Ah, roses. I have just (to the other half's horror) planted a climbing Iceberg, at long last, under our conservatory. I think most gardens deserve a rose of some kind, don't they?


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