Friday, October 29, 2010

Gardening Heaven

Today was the start of the Taranaki Rhododendron & Garden Festival.  I planned to pop into a few gardens... but spent all my entrance money on plants at the first, La Rosaleda!

Isn't it gorgeous?  It was my favourite last year.  I missed out on some plants I really wanted, so was sure to get there early today and I wasn't disappointed. I got a few, who's names I've already forgotten, a True Valerian, a couple of foxgloves and what I really wanted....

Some white and pink Centranthus or as it's commonly known as, False Valerian.

I spent a couple of hours weeding, repositioning, and planting my new plants, it was bliss!

Sadly most of my Paeony Poppies have become slug food, so for the first time(I'm usually organic!) I succumbed to sprinkling snail/slug bait around my flower garden.  Much to my husbands horror I've stolen some beer for the vege garden and will see if beer traps work there.

I'm loving this Summer weather, hope it's been great where you are.

Enjoy your weekend

Sarah :)


  1. lovely pics, that would be a great day out. i've been in gardening heaven too lately, it really is the best way to spend some time outside isn't it! we've got a garden and art fest coming up here soon which i'm looking forward to. happy gardening!

  2. Beautiful photos - I would love to get down for the Taranaki Garden Festival one year. Enjoy the fine weather and your garden


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