Tuesday, November 2, 2010

More Gardening

It's another gorgeous day here.  We spent Sunday pruning and hedge trimming(thanks to the father in law) and two trips to the dump later have a much tidier yard.  Yesterday I spread a few wheelbarrow loads of compost around the garden, so it's all lovely and mulched.  My beer traps didn't work, but the slug/snail bait did, it's a massacre out there!  I also popped back to La Rosadela  to purcase a Queen Annes Lace plant(which I forget to grab the other day).  My Mum has been telling me I should get one for ages, that although it's an annual, it'll pop up from seed year after year.  It does look very pretty.  I can't wait for everything to start flowering!!

Have a great afternoon 

Sarah :)

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