Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Pretty Props

The other day I was asked on one of my auctions, if I would sell the little green suitcase?  Well, it's not for sale, I LOVE it.  It was a garage sale purchase years ago and is the perfect green for Poppit's room and for photographing shoes in front of. But, I can let you know where I've found the cutest wee cardboard suitcases online.... Bubbalooz

These pink polkadot ones are my favourite!

You may also have noticed this cute print in some of my shoe photos.  It's my alphabet print by Sweet William, which I finally got framed.  After paying a small fortune to frame our Sam Broad anniversary print, I went on the hunt for a suitable ready made frame.  I managed to find one at Briscoes during a (weekly?) sale and just had the mat trimmed to fit. I'm loving it! It's an excellent backdrop for my shoes and (very importantly) suits the vintage style of Poppet's room.  The Russian Dolls were a gift from our lovely neighbours.  Ruby in the Dust also posted about Sweet William today, check out the CUTE colouring book and doll she bought off them. 

It's looking like another gorgeous day here today, I may have to check out some more gardens in the festival.

Sarah :)


  1. Such a sweet bag, you could never part with it!

  2. love bubbalooz im sure those suitcases were on sale there a while back. i couldnt comment on ur poat yesterday for some reason so i emailed u. the brand of toy owl is annabel trends, if u cant get one online and really want one let me know and i can get one from in town and post to u.


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