Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What a life!

I have a great life!  This fact is definitely not lost on me.  I live in a beautiful part of New Zealand, in a cute house,  with a lovely husband, fun baby and my days are mine(well when she's asleep) to sew, cook, garden... all the things I love.

Today we've been to the Post Office to send these wee shoe parcels to their lovely new owners...

We've been to the supermarket (I secretly enjoy grocery shopping) where I bought some Paeony Poppy seedlings...

And ingredients to cook Ginger Chicken Udon, though I just realised I bought sprouts instead of snowpeas, so already it's adapted.  Thanks Sarah for sharing the link, I've been dreaming Udon Noodles all day!  Hope you get lots off your wishlist too, LOVE the dress.

The house has just gone silent, so I must motivate while she's asleep.  I have a dress to turn into a top and some seedlings to plant, though I may wait till it's cooler, I haven't had much luck transplanting poppies, due to their very fine roots. 
Enjoy the rest of your day

Sarah :)

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