Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Some new baby shoes...

Here's a sneak peek at my latest shoes. My creative space has a wee production line going at the moment and have just finished the hand sewing on this bundle, not soon enough too. My trademe shop desperately needs updating and with three new babies to meet over the long weekend, I needed some pressies! I'd forgotten how delicate newborns were, that stage seemed to pass in the blink of an eye. It was lovely to have cuddles and a wee sniff, I wish someone could bottle that new baby smell, I love it. I'll be listing these shoes when I get a chance over the next few days, and all the styles will be on facebook for a peek too.  Some of these are one offs.

New Zealand has just had a long weekend and a gorgeous day for gardening.  I've finished shovelling compost around the place, ready for some colourful annuals to be planted in any gaps.  I even got the windows and cars washed, quite productive indeed.

See you back here soon

Sarah :)


  1. What a lovely pile of sweet little shoes. Newborn babies are just beautiful and so precious. I got to see my new niece on the weekend only a few hours old, it was a special moment. Enjoy your long weekend.

  2. oooh i love those little shoes... just need some little feet to pop them on!


  3. Lovely cute small shoes you made!! Eva Sweden


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