Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Fabric Love!

I found my dream fabric!  I made the mistake of hanging black curtains in our bedroom, only to have it feel like the walls are closing in on us. So I've decided I'm just going to have to replace them with something lighter, change my black lamps and hang a shear curtain over the large window(we have little privacy from the street).  As you may know, I currently have a thing for swans after getting a couple for Christmas.  So I had a wee google search and came across some fabric by my favourite artist and  textile designer, Leanne Culy.   Her fabrics are made from organic cotton and hemp, super durable and super gorgeous! I just can't decide which I love most.  I want to do some cushions for our bed and recover some lamps, but it's her new voile that I really, really want, it would be perfect in my large window.

Well, here it is, THE perfect curtain fabric....

Isn't it GORGEOUS?  I'm totally in love with it!

Here are some more shots of her other fabrics, which i also LOVE.

Her kiwiana inspired fabrics look perfect with midcentury furniture.... and swans.

Look she has a couch like Poppet's

I want her red fridge!

Must stop coveting, must stop coveting.....

By the way, she rents out this beach house in the Hawkes Bay, I'd like to rent it for a weekend, just to admire her vintage collectibles, artwork and fabric.  I'm off to sew some more shoes as I have fabric to save for...

...actually first I better rescue my daughter from her badly fitting onesie, she has a leg poking through a gap in the inner leg and can't move, lots of frustrated noises happening!

Have a fabulous day!

Sarah :)

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