Sunday, January 9, 2011

Swanning around....

Look what Father Christmas (aka hubby) bought me this year...

Two Crown Lynn swans(chosen by moi).  I actually spotted the large one in the window of the salvation army.  My heart started racing, the car was slid into a park, Poppet was whisked from her seat and I nearly cleared air racing back... only to discover it was not going to be the bargain of the century.  I had visions of a $5 sticker, tacked on by some unawares shop attendant.  Alas, the window display was for a silent auction.  I put in a bid for what would be a bargain if I won, but not the bargain I initially hoped for.  However I knew if  a local antique dealer(or anyone in the know) spotted it, I'd miss out.  So I went ahead and found a baby swan on trademe for my husband to buy me, only to have a phone call a few days after purchase to say I'd won the large swan... oops.  Oh well, what a great score I got this Christmas! 

Heres my baby swan in greater detail, and heavily adorned with my favourite hydrangeas from my garden...

 I quite like them empty too, ooh the fun I'll have doing displays!

Pop over over to Sophie's for more fleamarket finds.

Don't forget to 'like' my missmollycoddle on facebook if you'd like to be in the draw to win a pair of my baby shoes.

See you back here soon. 

Sarah :)


  1. Dearie,
    You scored. I am so happy that you found these precious swans. I collect black one's. I think swans are magical. Here's to treasure hunting.
    love love,
    Fritzi Marie

  2. What luck to win the auction and end up with a friend for your other swan! :)

  3. My mum had some of these beautiful swans, I wonder what she did with them. Well done on getting not just one but two swans! I've never heard of op shops doing silent auctions before, is this a common thing in NZ?

  4. You'll have to have a rummage at your mums! I've come across silent auctions a few times last year, maybe it's a new thing, maybe it's a local thing? I'd rather just a price, it's like a house tender, not fun... unless you win!

  5. great story, miss i'll go have a peek at those baby shoes of yours, you got me intrigued!
    happy new year!

  6. they display beautifully..btw i love your hydrangea!

  7. Congratulations and they work so well together. You know next time I see a swan I will think of you.

  8. Oh, I'm so envious. My grandmother had a yellow one and used to hide a rubber spider in there. So I had a morbid fascination with the swan. I've never seen them on my ope shope travels. But now I'm hoping it will be like when you buy a new car and then see the same model everywhere. Or something. I COVET your swans.

  9. And the Oak Leaf hydragea - I'm envious of that too! They're beautiful.


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