Sunday, March 27, 2011

flea market finds

I've had heaps of great op shop finds lately, but this week there is a clear winner.  Check out Poppet's new doll house!  It even came with a shoe box full of plan toy furniture, all for the super bargain price of $30!  I just did a search for plan toys and the lounge suite alone(which is in the box) is $37.  I loved decorating doll houses when I was a kid.  I would buy from garage sales or op shops, give them a revamp and sell on for a profit.  I wonder if the sales assistants were on to me when I asked for wallpaper samples? Always in a small print , usually just enough for one room.  They don't seem to give samples anymore, though I was thinking of doing feature walls from the scrapbooking paper.  Paint test pots are always great for jobs of this scale too.

I also got a bundle of embroidered doilies from another op shop, which I plan to transform into baby shoes and bibs.  I also got the kiwiana hankie from my favourite vintage shop, which I plan to use on a cushion.

For more flea market finds, pop over to Sophie's for a browse.



  1. the NZ hanky looks adorable. maybe a little out of the way, but it brings me SOUTH PACIFIC (the movie). my geography knowledge being lousy, by the way.

  2. What a great buy, that dollhouse is adorable!

  3. That dolls house is soooo cute! What a great find.

  4. Paint test pots is a great idea! Thank you!! I think that's what I'll do with my doll's house.


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