Friday, March 25, 2011

Cath Kidston at Farmers....

...well, not really, but I thought that would get your attention, and I just had to show you these gorgeous 'Cath Kidston lookalike' pj's for poppet.   I LOVE them! They're teeny weeny and 25% off at the moment,  so a super bargain if you love vintage floral, and have a wee girl.  I only spotted up to size 2, though didn't look in children's, just baby section, so quite likely come in larger sizes too.

We're back from our late summer holiday now.  What a great trip it was.  Gorgeous weather, great company, antique shops, art galleries, a friends engagement, lots of beach time and sand, sand everywhere.  I love summer holidays and wish it could have lasted a wee bit longer, thought it is nice to get back and catch up with people and I have been looking forward to getting stuck into a bit of gardening and sewing.

I've restocked my felt, etsy and trademe stores now we're home and will be adding more to these shortly too.

See you back here



  1. they are so cute!! im finding farmers a great place to shop for my kids. pumpkin patch prices have gone through the roof this year. they have opened another chain called charlie and me, only one in nz at the moment but the website and some good stuff in the clearance. so looks like cath kidston fabric...

  2. Oh, they're so pretty! I've been having a hard time finding pretty 'jammies for my 2 year old, and I didn't even bother looking in farmers because they usually don't have anything I like. So thanks for the heads up on it - I'm going to go and see if they have any in my local today!


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