Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Chocolate Button Biscuits and a CUTE new tin....

This is the best biscuit recipe ever! Honestly it is.  I can't remember where I originally got it, but it's a stayer, and has made it into my little red recipe book.  

Hope you can read my writing ok(please ask if not sure about any of it)  It makes 48 biscuits, about two trays worth.  Warning, very, very hard to stop at one, two... three....

Here is my CUTE new tin, courtesy of my mother in law, thank you! 

Very vintage, though immaculate inside.

Bon appetit x


  1. yum i am def going to give these a go, need some good biscuit recipes! and that tin is so gorgeous :)

  2. Hi again, I made these today, thank you for the recipe! the girls loved them and i might have enjoyed 1 or 2, ok 3 myself :)


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