Sunday, April 3, 2011

flea market finds

This week I thought I'd show you my gorgeous duraware collection... well a snippet of it anyway.  I've been collecting it for years and have quite a stash.  Recently I bought this vintage cup and saucer stand off trademe, to display some of my favourite pastel pieces.  Most pieces were collected when my favourite local op shop had a 'fill a bag for 50c' bin, before they became more well known, and before the bin items became 50c each.  I rarely find any now.  I used to see the stands for a few dollars too, though now they fetch up to $50 on trademe(I paid $18).

I also recently got this gorgeous polkadot tin, looks great with the pink and blue duraware cups.

I've had some great garage sale finds lately too, maybe it's just that no one else is interested in bundles of doilies and old wool blankets!  Keep an eye out to see what I make from them.   I also got a pile of cute vintage childrens books and a coat with gorgeous polkadot lining, which i plan to use in a coat for Poppet.

To see more flea market finds, pop over to Sophie's blog.



  1. Great collection!! I love the colours x

  2. Love that display! So many pretty pastel things and all displayed so well. Nicely done!

  3. Gorgeous collection and beautifully displayed.


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