Sunday, April 10, 2011

flea market finds

Well this week I've had quite a good haul of vintage finds.  Firstly, there was my early morning dash to my favourite local op shop, where i scored this...

which I plan to paint to match Poppet's revamped one here.

I just love the pictures!

just in case we have a boy one day(or for little boys that come to play)

Then there was Saturdays mornings garage sale finds....

a new wardrobe for dolly, she's modelling one of them, and for Poppet to hang on her clothesline.

a vintage dolls clothes pattern and a wee basket for my sewing bits and pieces

and some 1960's kids puzzles, thinking of framing these.

A definite children's theme this week.  With our ever growing collection of vintage toys, I've been advised to ask myself before purchasing...Do I really need this?  Well, dear husband, it's not a case of need I'm afraid! and I just couldn't leave any of it!

For more flea market finds, pop over to Sophie's

Enjoy the rest of your weekend



  1. Nice finds Sarah, Poppet will be please with those goodies!

  2. lovely haul, I adore the little red seat!

  3. looking at all toys' vintage above, i remember my own childhood vividly, all of a sudden. i understand the need... ;)

  4. gosh you have done very well! that pram is lovely! I had one of those when I was got given away somewhere along the line...if only I knew then what I know now! :) you've done so well!

  5. oh so gorgeous, nostalgic and lovely

  6. I love that baby carriage. How cute is that?! Great pictures of your wonderful treasures. Brings back memories for me! I can see my bean bag baby dolls in that stroller.

  7. oh how i adore that little red chair!

  8. Wow this is an amazing haul! It's wise to pull in some boys toys when you have a girl(s) anyway - my daughter has always loved little cars and trains as much as her little dolls and what not.


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