Tuesday, April 26, 2011

So inspiring...

I'm soooo excited to have joined pinterest.  It's kind of like an online inspiration board, a place to collect and organise all your favourite pictures.  Upload them yourself, or re pin from other members collections.  All of the above images are from my collection, and can be tracked to their source via pinterest.  I'm in heaven!!! There's so much inspiration.  My husband has been dragged over to view numerous 'amazing' rooms.... in between painting our porch I might add.  I've painted a mirror red, and am trying to convince him our chest of drawers would look fantastic the colour of the filing cabinet above.... watch this space!

Hope you had a lovely long weekend.  

Sarah :)


  1. This is such a great idea I always have problems keeping my home ideas together X

  2. All gorgeous - but i looove the second image the best!!

  3. Just come across your blog via Kootoyoo and have been have a rummage around. Love it! p.s. I agree those images are gorgeous!


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