Thursday, April 21, 2011

Inspiring reads...

I love Emily Chalmers gorgeous interiors books!  They're sure to leave you totally inspired... and jealous.  I  wish I could reach into the pages and grab a handful of goodies... like a trolley grab.  Do they have those where you are?  Where you have a minute to grab as much as you can throw into your trolley, it's a typical radio competition.  I used to say I'd go straight for the wine, or make up aisles, though they're usually the other end of the supermarket, and you probably have to start at the beginning.  Now, I'd probably stop by the chocolate and baby aisles... maybe even the meat aisle, not very exciting I know.

Anyway, I'm rambling.  Back to Emily Chalmers and her GORGEOUS books.   She has quite a distinct style, a bit shabby chic, though more eclectic and mid century modern.  Have a browse through her website, you'll love, wish I could visit her store... the next best thing to visiting it is reading about it here on the lovely blog;  found, now home.

Have a lovely long weekend, safe travels if you're heading away.

Sarah :)

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