Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Mums Apple Cake.... and Poppet's CUTE cake tin

How cute is Poppet's toy cake tin? We had a garage sale for Playcentre last weekend, and while helping set up, I nabbed some cute children's cookware.  A patty tin, loaf tin and spring form cake tin.  Poppet has been stirring imaginary cakes for a few days now, so yesterday we baked some real ones.  One for Mum and Dad, and one for Poppet.  It's a super easy recipe and especially delicious just out the oven with whipped cream(a very generous dollop) or yoghurt.  I've found it takes a bit longer than the 30-40mins stated, but that may be my oven.  Just keep an eye on it and insert a skewer or knife in the centre to check it, should come out clean.  I baked this the other weekend for my in laws, who I had to pick up from the airport.   I really had to get going and it still wasn't done, so I turned the oven off and left the cake in.  It could have gone either way, still raw or char coaled.  Thankfully the heat left in oven was just enough to cook it perfectly.... and there were no big red trucks parked outside my house!

disclaimer.  do not try at your house, I take no responsibility for house fires resulting from Mums Apple Cake.

Have a lovely day

Sarah :)

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