Friday, June 10, 2011

Cloth nappies... make your own

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Poppet has been in cloth nappies for most of her life, yes I confess I started off with disposables, they were just too convenient.  However, as she's gotten older (and smellier) I actually much prefer reusable nappies.  I rinse them immediately and leave soaking till wash time, so no smelly disposables to take out to bin, or to have humming away in my kitchen bin.  They're an expensive initial outlay, but really do help with keeping the cost of our weekly shop down.  I bought hers secondhand, in bulk, and they only worked out to be about $13 each. Which is pretty good for honeychilds, especially with liners.  I love the look of them, no they're not too bulky, I love the feel of them, nice and soft, and I love that she's not sitting in plastic 24/7, plus the colours are super cute.

I was recently told of a website that sells all the bits and bobs to make your own.  I haven't done so yet, as I have plenty, but thought I'd share with you all.  It's a New Zealand site, greenbeans.  They also sell the inners, which I find having lots of, makes life so much easier, as these take the longest to dry.  Another fabulous site if you want to make your own home made nappies is the nappy network.  They have a fabulous tutorial on sewing reusable nappies, definitely worth checking out.  For links to heaps of nappy websites(NZ) visit here.

I hope this helps if you're considering changing to reusables, or if you'd like to have a go at making them.  Leave a comment if you have any tips or other helpful sites you'd like to share.

Enjoy your afternoon.  It's bucketing down here, perfect for finishing off some hand sewing by the fire.


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  1. Oh my god you were reading my mind! I was just thinking today of putting a shout out to my friends having new babies (so many) to get on the cloth nappy buzz and to offer Ritchie as a model - pissing down here as well must be off the couch and do some work on our bathroom XXX


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