Monday, July 11, 2011

One for the crafters...

What fun I had rummaging through this haul! Such a treasure trove of gorgeous old craft bits and bobs, there's more that I haven't included in photos.  Heaps of old embroidery thread, cottons(incl. wood spools), ric rac, bias binding, knitting/crochet/embroidery needles and pinking shears.  I love all the old packaging.  Check out the needle case, darning thread (for stockings) and fastenings, in the bottom photo.  They were all stashed in old tins and a cute old biscuit box.  It was all given to me by my mother in law, who received them while helping a friend move her 95 year old mother into a rest home.  I hope she knows they've gone to a VERY  grateful and happy recipient!

For more thrifted treasures check out Sophies and here.



  1. Even the not so crafty among us would have to love this haul of special x

  2. I would be in crafting (and organising) heaven going through all that!

  3. how lovely they have gone to such a grateful owner. I love little tins of sewing treasures.

  4. What an amazing find! I love the transfers but for some reason insanely jealous of the hooks and eyes in the last photo! Such nice packaging.

  5. What a wonderful assortment! Vintage sewing goods get me everytime! The graphics are always so fun.


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