Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Doll house paper...

I went a bit crazy(well a lot crazy) at the Spotlight sale on Monday.  A 40% off everything sale, was pretty irresistible.  Check out the GORGEOUS scrap booking paper I got for Poppet's house, love it!  What do you think? The house needs a paint and the carpet pulled up first, then on it'll go.  I figured deer/forest theme for a children's room, matching stripes for the other.  Shame it doesn't have more wall space to show it off, It'd look great as feature walls.  I also got a stash of fabrics and some beautiful wool for my next crochet project, as I'm almost finished this one for my sister.  The picture above doesn't really show how beautiful the colours are, as Poppet's pink curtains are reflected in it.  It's pure wool and milk protein, weird but wonderful, soooo soft.

Sarah :)

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