Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Go, Granny Go....

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A while back I posted about learning to crochet, and the gorgeous Cath Kidston style blanket that was my inspiration.  Well I've actually been making some (slow) progress.  My Mum bought a fantastic book, though I've only had success with granny sqaures so far.  It's an excellent book though, and includes some gorgeous patterns for edging.  I started the red square while on holiday, it was my practice run, I had no other colours, so just kept going around.  Now I've started on some colourful little squares.  I love the red in particular.  I think it's going  to look pretty gorgeous, even if I do say so myself.  It's quite addictive too.  Check out the 'Crochet Queen' for some real inspiration.

Hope you've had a lovely day... almost time for Coro and crochet!



  1. yay for coro and crochet! love the colours you have used, very cath kidston :) i need to get going on finishing my granny square blanket, haven't made any squares since last winter!

  2. Loving these colours too!
    They look so good in the granny squares.
    I need to have a go, when i've finished the blanket i'm making at the mo, and the kids scarves for school...


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