Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Vintage Ladybird, so cute!

Ah... a cuppa and the latest Cath Kidston mag, which arrived today, bliss.  I love having a browse and seeing what's new.  My favourite is the skipping kit (above), how cute is that?  I have the old Ladybird 'Things to make and do' book, and did a google search for an image of this.  Look what i discovered here, a website dedicated to vintage ladybird books... and, this is the great bit, they've been reproduced!There is a whole range of GORGEOUS items available....

Could they possibly get any cuter???  

We've got the fire going here, and a roast in the slow cooker, very cosy, and very delicious smelling. I'm quite a fan of these wintry days.  

Have a lovely afternoon.  


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