Sunday, September 25, 2011

I've got some real favourites to show you this week.  First up are the glass pedestal dishes, purchased from my local op shop, $12 for both.  I have a small collection of these now, as we used some for the dessert table at our wedding.  They look fantastic stacked on top of each other, such as in this kitchen display.  I'm loving Waratah's at the moment too, these are cut from my Mums garden.  She has a bunch displayed in a turquoise jug from Tony Sly, the contrast of colours looks incredible.  Mine are in a crown lynn jug, a bargain buy from a hospice shop.

We did a road trip to Wellington last week, and the vintage sewing tin was a junk shop find.  I knew I'd seen it before, but couldn't place it.  I found out Mum had had one, from my Nana, which she used for sewing bits and bobs for many years.

Finally, I love the ribbed sides of the gorgeous fifties jug.  It looks perfectly at home on my dresser, surrounded by other floral/pastel collectibles.

For more vintage treasures, pop here and here.



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